Silicon Valley: The Region that Bred Innovation

At the forefront of research and development initiatives for the longest time now are science and technology parks (STPs), which benefit countless students, professionals, and lovers of knowledge from different fields. STPs have furthered the cause of corporate, government and academic institutions, providing social and economic growth.

Looking back to five decades ago, no one probably could have foreseen that the southern half of the San Francisco Bay Area would ignite a revolution of innovation and establish a culture of risk-taking. This is the home of high-quality researchers and engineers, tech startups and renowned companies, and exceptional schools; this is Silicon Valley.

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Early in the 20th century, the United States and the Soviet Union involved themselves in a two-nation Space Race, a competition between two Cold War rivals in supremacy for spaceflight capability. When the Soviet Union inched ahead of the United States following the launch of Sputnik 1 in 1957, the latter aimed to gain ground by sending the first person to the moon, founding NASA to ensure it happens.

The need for high-powered components arose, and to fulfill that requirement a firm named Fairchild Semiconductor, located in the Bay Area, began manufacturing the needed parts. Thereafter, massive technological breakthroughs spawned throughout the area, sparking the growth of the hardware, and eventually, software industry, paving the way for computers, mobile phones and Internet to unfold.

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Starting as a small science and technology park, Silicon Valley has since inspired more than 400 other parks across the globe, and with its impactful innovation, has shaped how people live today.

Dr. Russ Lea is an R&D consultant for innovation, technology and entrepreneurship, who has worked with campuses and industry leaders, offering his expertise in the construction and operation of various tech parks and research facilities. To know more about his research and consultancy experience, visit this website.


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