Convergence for the Future: Science, Technology, and Economics

Science and technology parks (STPs) bring together many fields in one center. Though it is primarily a research and development facility, STPs also encourage the involvement of corporations, academic institutions and local government. As they are the breeding ground for innovative projects and new products, they are also the venue for economic growth.

University-based STPs have also given the opportunity for science and technology students to have a laboratory where they can continually develop long-term projects while being supervised by experts in the field. With the input of companies, they are also exposed to the business side of their scientific innovations.

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Bringing new discoveries to the marketplace is no small feat with the help of multiple corporations that fund university or government endorsed projects. STPs serve as the hub for all these connections to happen. In the process, these parks create more jobs not exclusive to those in the R&D field. Other establishments such as offices, restaurants, and specialty shops also allow for more people to be exposed to the projects in the tech park. The days of the isolated laboratory is gone.

The convergence of many fields in this generation where connectivity and globalization are prioritized is a wise effort that invests in the new breed of industry movers. As influential institutions are getting involved, the desire to grow a community’s quality of living is becoming a reality.

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Dr. Russ Lea is an R&D advocate and a consultant for higher education, environmental issues, innovation, and entrepreneurship. He was part of the North Carolina Research Campus, the Coastal Studies Institute, the University of South Alabama’s Tech Park, and the South East Coastal Ocean Observing System. To know more about his new projects, visit this website.


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