Hiring And Developing a Team To Improve R&D Functions

Research and development is a multi-faceted endeavor. Universities and global facilities understand that this sector requires not only technical knowledge and skill but excellent management to foster teamwork and interpersonal relations.

Image Source: globalspec.com

The interpersonal aspect of research and development is seen as a challenge, since most professionals in this sector are often classified as introverted and of a specific personality type. Moreover, teams comprised of mostly strong characters are bound to run into some friction.

These difficulties can be addressed through common human resource paradigms. Initially, putting together a team with great dynamics is arduous. But spending on hiring and development of personnel that work well together would be cost-efficient in the long run. One of the main problems and dreaded outcomes of any university and/or group operating an R&D arm are research projects aborted due to internal problems.

Strong personalities can work together under two conditions. The first is a shared goal. Typically, inherent personality differences are ignored or forgiven when a team is pursuing the same targets. During the interview process, managers should determine how passionate the applicant is about what they would be researching or developing. Personality differences are rarely seen as hindrances to shared dreams and visions.

Second, strong personalities make a great team when the strengths are balanced. That is, each character is strong in his or her specialization, and complements the expertise of other team members.

The key here is balance. Research managers are encouraged to bring in experts of various fields to work together in a single project. Alongside fulfilling a passion for research, each professional would feel respected and acknowledged in his or her field of expertise, reducing any form of competitiveness or feelings of inadequacy.

Image Source: wisegeek.com

It is essential for managers to understand how crucial the concept of a team is in any research and development program.

Russ Lea is an entrepreneur and recognized business consultant specializing in the development of various research facilities. To learn more about the research and development industry, like this Facebook page.


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