R&D leaders: Countries with the Most Number of Technology Parks

For more than 60 years, technology parks have played a vital part in key development areas of many countries. These parks are the result of collaboration among research and development experts, the government, and entrepreneurs, and have proven to be powerful measures towards exponential economic growth.


Image source: blythedevelopment.com

In the past few years, these R&D facilities have amassed attention even from developing countries, creating more jobs and producing major technological advancements. There are currently more than 400 science and technology parks worldwide, with many of them located in the following countries:

United States. The U.S. is at the top of the list with more than 150 science and technology parks. Analysts, industry leaders, and even the government believe that this concept can largely contribute to the technological capacity and competitiveness of the nation. One of these technology parks is the North Carolina Research Campus located in Kannapolis, North Carolina. It is a public-private research center partnering with private sectors, universities, and health sectors, with goals focusing on agriculture, nutrition, and health. Another is the University of South Alabama Technology and Research Park, which focuses on innovation and development to bring breakthroughs to various businesses.

Japan. This East Asian powerhouse comes second with 111 science parks. These facilities have been of tremendous value not only in the phenomenal technological progress of the country but also in addressing the unemployment problem that Japan once battled. Some of the country’s most notable technology parks are the Kobe Science Park, Kumamoto Technopolis, Biwoka Science Park, and Chusei Hokubu Science City.

China. Alongside this country’s stunning economic boom is the rise of its R&D sector. China has almost a hundred science and technology parks. Some well-known facilities are Harbin High and New Technological Development Zone, Fuzhou High and New Technology Industry Development Zone, Yangling Agri-tech Demonstration Zone, and Shenzhen High-tech Industrial Park.


Image source: al.com

Dr. Russ Lea is a research and development administrator, higher education consultant, and entrepreneur who has been instrumental in the establishment of some of the most promising tech parks in the country. Know more about his body of work here.